Fullstack with Go, NodeJS, Java & DevOps (Kubernetes) -product company – Remote – CIM – Preferably from Cluj or Timisoara

Project Details:

We implement, maintain and monitor an iot platform used to facilitate communication from devices to cloud and cloud to devices


  • Strong Single Page App development skills (Vue/Rect/Angular/Svelte/other comparable tech), Strong Backend development skills (Java/Go/Node/…) with gRPC or REST. At least basic Kubernetes skills.
  • Strong Skills in: Kubernetes, Terraform, Google Cloud/Azure/AWS in general, Networking. Pluses: Experience with Bazel, Gitlab CI, FluxCD.
  • Our tech stack: Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure, Java, Go, VueJS, GitlabCI.

For access to platform we offer:

  • a command line tool
  • clients for various programming languages (Java, GoLang and Python)
  • data visualization platform (Grafana) so that our tenants can create visualization for their data
  • Devices can send their data via MQTT brokers (iothub, iotcore) and we can configure to forward their data to various services (like google pubsub, azure datalake, other generic mqtt brokers).
  • Access to the APIs are secured with Oauth and each of our tenants can only access data from their own devices.

Related activities:

  • design; implementation, testing (unit, integration, end-to-end); deployment; monitoring; adding new features; fixing issues of microservices and “daemon services”.

Operations specific tasks:

  • Adding, monitoring, tuning; automation of infrastructure elements (like databases, kafka, clusters, kubernetes clusters etc)