Mid/Senior PHP Developer – Remote – CIM – Anywhere from Romania

Effective Field

  • As an Advanced Back-End Web Developer you will operate in an agile team, focusing on new and continually improving e-commerce digital systems by contributing to all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Participate in sprint planning and other project management meetings, contributing with ideas and improvement suggestions
  • Work closely with your colleagues to ensure all client’s requirements are met to evaluate and provide possible solutions, also assisting in refining the business and technical requirements
  • The chance to work on interesting projects that will challenge you to develop yourself permanently with our support
  • A passion for programming and a constant drive for self-development

What distinguishes you

  • Proficiency in PHP 7+ and OOP
  • In-depth experience with PHP frameworks like Symfony / Laravel / Zend
  • Solid knowledge of databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Hands-on experience with Redis
  • Using Elasticsearch
  • Understanding message brokers such as RabbitMQ
  • Basic knowledge of templating engines like Twig and Blade
  • Familiarity with Composer
  • Code versioning skills with tools such as GIT
  • Savvy in virtualization with Docker
  • What would be nice to have: agile methodologies background (processes, estimations), continuous integration concepts, testing experience with Codeception, and previous usage of Atlassian stack

What you can expect

  • A team that values your experience, suggestions, and know-how, in which developers trust one another and have a “can-do” attitude
  • Encouragement and support for further education through mentoring, training, coaching, and code reviews
  • Transparent, honest, and open communication
  • Flexible hours and the possibility to work both from home and the office, whatever fits you best
  • Development opportunities that suit you
  • Perks that cover all your needs


Shopware 6 is not only a commerce platform, but also a framework to develop highly customised shop infrastructures. It uses Symfony 5.2 as the standard framework over PHP 7 and 8 with a custom access layer to database, adapted to the specific needs of ecommernce and performance, while the administration is completely based on Vue.js.

Shopware integrates with the Symfony Messenger component and Enqueue. This gives you the possibility to send and handle asynchronous messages.

The concept of migrations is used to bring the database into a certain state by applying database schema changesets.

The app system allows you to extend and modify the functionality and appearance of Shopware. It leverages well defined extension points, you can hook into, to implement your specific use case. The app system is designed to be decoupled from Shopware itself. The central interface between your app and Shopware is defined by a dedicated manifest file. The manifest is what glues Shopware and your app together. It defines what features your app uses and how Shopware can connect to your app

Plugins in Shopware are essentially an extension of Symfony bundles. Such bundles and plugins can provide their own resources like assets, controllers, services or tests. To reduce friction when programming plugins for Shopware, there’s an abstract base class, which every plugin extends from – the plugin base class. Plugins are deeply integrated into Shopware. You can do nearly everything with plugins, like “new User Provider” or “custom Search Engine”.