Middle QA Automation Engineer – Cluj or Baia Mare


We are seeking a talented QA Automation Engineer to design testing procedures for our software applications. In this role, will be responsible for analyzing the functionality of applications and designing automated tests to validate their performance.

You will also be required to identify bugs, install databases, and collaborate with the software team.

To ensure success as a QA Automation Engineer, you should have advanced programming skills and a keen eye for detail.

A skilled QA Automation Engineer can design and write efficient test procedures for every software application.

· Meeting with the software design team to discuss verification protocols.

· Identifying software application weaknesses and target areas.

· Sketching out ideas for automated software test procedures.

· Reviewing software bug reports and highlighting problem areas.

· Writing automation scripts and implementing software applications.

· Designing and installing software databases.

· Troubleshooting automation software and finalizing system procedures.

· Identifying quality issues and creating test reports.

· Collaborating with the design team to solve application faults.


· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a similar field.

· Previous experience working as a QA Automation Engineer.

· Advanced programming skills (OOP) including automation systems and databases.

· Advanced knowledge of debugging codes and software development languages.

· Familiarity with programming script languages including Java or c#

· Excellent analytical skills.

· Detailed knowledge of application functions, bug fixing, and testing protocols.

· Good written and verbal communication skills.

· Strong attention to detail.

· Expertise with automation builds and software like Jenkins, TFS

· Known frameworks:

o Selenium (Web)

o Postman, jMeter (API)

o Selenium, Hibernate (DB)

o TestNG, JUnit