Senior SQL Developer – Energy sector – Product Company – CIM – Remote – Preferably from Cluj or Timisoara


We are one of the strongest operators of European energy networks and energy-related infrastructure
We are going to be the energy company that revolutionizes the availability of energy
We are going to be the energy company that supplies energy for the digital age
We are going to be the energy company that enables people to produce their energy anywhere
We are going to be the energy company that stands for a climate-conscious community of unlimited possibilities

The project is a wide data transformation programme over the next three years which seeks to create a data-driven tomorrow, both in terms of customer interaction, middle- and back office activities. Harnessing the power of our data will dramatically improve our decision making and time to market, increase efficiency gains and drive new innovations
The project is about developing a data model of the network and its assets. We store countless data about our network and keep it in different IT systems.

However, it is important to have a single model. Data is often distributed and stored for different purposes. With this project we want to give all this data a new home and thus
bring it under one roof.
Inconsistencies within the data are logged. There is easy access to the network data, which makes it easy for everyone involved to quickly understand the model and to create their own evaluations. The project also provides the framework for future apps to access the data. New apps no longer have to laboriously gain access to every
single source system. The solution is designed to efficiently deliver the data required to authorized applications

• Design and script database tables to store the application data
• Write queries used for front-end applications (websites, desktop applications, or cloud apps) and ensure that
they perform at optimal speeds
• Create stored procedures, views, and functions.
• Data modelling to visualize database structure
• Working with application developers to create optimized queries
• Review query performance and optimize code
• Modify existing views, procedures, functions, and code to change the functionality of those objects depending
upon client requirements
• Hands on experience in Exception Handling and Troubleshooting
• Experience with Azure SQL development
• Experience with Agile development
• Familiar with CI/CD – Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration technologies (Gitlab and/or Azure DevOps)
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills